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Various Resources compiled by Dr. Alec Couros

- Participate in digital communities as a producer and consumer of media
- Integrate technology into your teaching and learning to enhance classroom instruction and student learning
- Explore various uses of technology and take risks to implement technology into your classroom
- Share information about technological media with your school community (parents, teachers, students)
- Attend Digital Internship PD workshops
- Post and describe at least two learning activities in which technology enhances the teaching and learning process on the Digital Internship Site (
- Document your progress throughout your digital internship Think of various ways to accomplish this and tie this into the logbook that is required as part of your internship.

Last year, I thought that one of our main things about the project is that we wanted students to focus on their personal growth with technology in their teaching and learning. Whatever level they were at, we simply wanted them to grow; we didn't expect everyone to reach the same level or do the same things. By stating some of the expectations above, we are setting goals for the interns rather than them setting goals for themselves. While an ideal digital intern may do the things listed above, I also think that an ideal digital intern takes risks and actively works to expand/improve their use of technology in the classroom to enhance student learning, but for some people this may simply mean making a PowerPoint or starting a blog that posts the homework each night. What do you want to do about this in terms of our expectations for intern? (Ashley ... please please?)

Expectations of the Cooperating Teachers:
It is hoped that coops
  • will support the interns as they use technology in their teaching
  • will provide opportunities for the interns to explore the uses of technology in teaching and learning
  • will collaborate (on occasion) with the intern in the design and creation of technologically-enhanced projects