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Media Representation

This page provides resources related to media representation of societal groups and cultures.

How does the media portray ...

Aboriginal Peoples:
- Stereotypes of American Indians (Wikipedia)
- Media Portrayals of Aboriginal Peoples (MNet)
- Brocket 99 Page & Sample Audio Clip

Ethnic & Visible Minorities:
- The Magical Negro (Wikipedia)
- Ethnic Stereotypes in Popular Culture (Wikipedia)
- A Girl Like Me (Youtube)
- Wolf Blitzer (So Poor, So Black) (Google Video)
- "Obama's Identity: Where Do We Start?" (Alternet)
- An Open Letter to All the Rosie O'Donnells (Youtube)
- Little Girl Prompted by Parents to (Unknowingly) Demonstrate Racism
- "The Amazing Rascist Beaners"
- Black Herbal Toothpaste Ad
- Dave Chappelle Racist Airplane
- 10 Most Racist Ads
- "Fox Attacks Black America"
- Slip of the Tongue (Media That Matters)

Gays and Lesbians:
- Boys Beware (Youtube) & Prelinger Archives Full Version
- Stewie on the Family Guy
- Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD)
- Norway Public Service Ad for Gay Teens (Youtube)
- Hyundai Commercial from France (Youtube)
- Congressional Page Sex Scandals - 1983 & 2006
- Gender Blind College Rooming - A Report from Fox News (Youtube)
- Documentary: Further off the Straight and Narrow - New Gay Visibility on TV (Youtube)
- List of Gay Interest Films on DVD/VHS - For Students of Semiotics
- Fundamentalist Christian anti-gay Cartoon
- Wanda Sykes on "That's so Gay" - more here.
- McDonald's Ad from France

Men and Boys:
- Snickers Superbowl Commercial (Youtube)
- How the Media Portray Men and Masculinity (MNet)
- Challenging Stereotypes of Men (Eldis)
- I Am Man - Burger King Ad (Youtube)
- Old Spice Manly Test Commercial (Youtube)
- "Dumb Kid Misses Jump" (Youtube)

White Culture:
- White Protagonists in Africa (Wikipedia)
- White Priviledge in the Media (MNet)
- Media, Stereotypes and the Perpetuation of Racism in Canada (U of S)
- "White Privilege" Video, Take Note of the Comments (Youtube)
- Unpacking the Knapsack of White Privilege (Peggy Macintosh)

Women and Girls:
- Killing Me Softly (Google Video)
- Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
- Dove Evolution (Youtube)
- Paris Hilton's Carl Jr. Ad (Youtube)
- George Bush on Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (Youtube)
- "The Seven Worst Sexy Toys for Children"
- My Scene Bling Bling Chelsea Doll (take special note of the product reviews)
- Rehab Britney Doll for Sale
- Glen Feron "The Art of Retouching"
- Gallery of "Odious Images" from Media Watch
- Sexist Advertisements "How To See Throught the Soft Sell"
- Sweet Sugar (Movie Clip)
- Dove Onslaught
- Brittany Spears in Aviary (Opposite Result of Dove Evolution)
- Celebrity Imperfections Exposed

General & Other Related Resources:
- See What Google Suggest Has To Say About .... Type in "Blondes are", "Gays are", etc.
- An Introduction to Visual Semiotics
- Marilyn Manson Interview with Bill O'Reilly
- "The Pit Breakup" (Youtube)
- "I Must Be Emo" New Report
- Beer Stand Boy from the Man Show
- Web Awareness Workshops from MNet (Kids for Sale, Fact or Folly, Safe Passage, Cyberbullying - * Licensed Materials)
- Reality Check from MNet (
*Licensed Materials)