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Copyleft and the Creative Commons

Overview of the Creative Commons:

General Links:

Creative Commons
Access Copyright (Canada)
Digital Copyright (Terminology)

Articles & Information:

7 Things You Should Know About Creative Commons (Educause - PDF)
Captain Copyright (Wikipedia Article)
Creative Commons 101 (Canada)
Creative Commons Licenses
Sharing Creative Works - An Illustrated Primer
How to Attribute a Creative Commons Work
Complete Guide to Finding and Using Flickr Images
30 Days of DRM (Michael Geist)
In the Public Interest: Future of Canadian Copyright Law (Free Book: 19 Essays)
Information on (the Controversial) Bill C61


Creative Commons Related Videos
Creative Commons on Spark Podcast (CBC) (See 7:30-11:30)
Copyleft Symposium, University of Manitoba (Recorded Lectures)
How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law (Lessig TED Talk)
Creative Commons in Our Schools (Presentation by Mark Woolley)


Michael Geist
Larry Lessig
David Wiley
Richard Stallman

Tools & Content

Creative Commons Search
Behold (Image Search Engine)
Compfight (Image Search Engine)
PictureSandbox (image Search Engine) (Media Hosting and Search)
FreeSound (CC Sound Project)
Jamendo (Free & Sharable Songs from Artists)
Copyright-Free Digital Media (Several resources listed including Canadian content)
Library of Congress Photos (on Flickr)
Film Music from Moby
Podsafe Audio (Specifically for Podcasters)
OER Commons (Biggest Site for Open Educational Resources)
Copyright Friendly Wiki (Many great resources here)
CogDogRoo Story Media (Another List of Free/Copyleft Media Sites)
MIT Open Courseware
Open Yale Courses
Huge List of Open Online Courses & Lectures (From Open Culture)
Open Courseware Consortium
Public Library of Science (PLoS)
Directory of Open Access Journals
Google Book Search
Alouette Canada

Other Web Projects of Note (These Raise Questions):

Post Secret
Sorry Everybody
Fan Fiction
Star Wreck (free movie)
Elephants Dream (open movie)
Photo Tourism
Encyclopedia of Life
Global Voices
Project Gutenberg
Public Knowledge Project