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"Dark Side" of the Internet (Selected Issues)

* Note, some of these sites are NOT appropriate for children or for the classroom. They are linked here for awareness purposes only.

Bad Taste/Offensive Content: Directory of "losers" on the Internet A rating site dedicated to photos of 'ugly' people. A site dedicated to asking the question, "who would you kill, and how would you kill them?" "Pure evil since 1996" specializes in presenting torture, mutilations, injuries and fatalities.

Cyberbullying: One of best sites for cyberbullying awareness. Another very popular bullying site.
Star Wars Kid: Likely the most popular case of Internet bullying ever. See background story via Wired.
Examples of CyberBullying: Several good resources. - Great Canadian resource for cyberbulling.
StopCyberbullying @ Ning - A social network you can join to learn more about cyberbullying, or to connect with people who can help you. - Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance
KidsHelpPhone - Great resource for those being bullied, threatened or harassed. Even teachers can be bullied?
Do P.E. Teachers Suck?: This is what students had to say.

Hate Sites:

The Hate Directory: This is a directory (152 pages) of hate-related sites on the Internet. Likely the most popular of all hate-related websites, this is a revisionist account of the life of Martin Luther King aimed at kids.
StormFront: "White Nationalist Community", affiliated with the KKK.
Prussian Blue: Fourteen year-old twin sisters who market white supremacy music.
"God Hates The World": A song from Westboro Baptist Church, a VERY anti-homosexual group.
Resistance Records: Record label for white supremacist music. An anti-social utility that disconnects you from all the things YOU HATE.

Misinformation, Satire and/or Hoaxes: A site dedicated to the banning of dihydrogen monoxide.
The Onion: Satirical publication, some good examples include: Bill Nye, PowerPoint Suicide Note and Internet Crash. Content warning for much of the site, however.
The Apollo Hoax: Some believe we have never been on the moon. Wikipedia explains more here.
Is Lip Balm Addictive?: Some think so.
The Great Aids Hoax: One of many sites that pushes the idea that AIDS/HIV is related to a conspiracy theory against non-whites.
LonelyGirl15: Many in the Internet community were outraged when they found out that LonelyGirl15 was an actress.
Pit Breakup: A popular video of a breakup filmed live at a College. This turned out to be a staged event.
Bride Cuts Hair: Another popular Youtube video of a bride drastically cutting her hair on her wedding day turned out to be a staged event.
Prison Thriller: There is a dark story behind this popular video.
TelCo-Powered Products: Line of products powered by your TelCo.
Whirled Bank: Satire of the World Bank.
Rethinking AID$: A site that claims HIV and AIDS are not related.
Genochoice: "Create your own genetically healthy child online." A site which refutes the theory of global warming.
Clones-R-Us: "First and largest cloning provider."
Discovering Pherotones: Researching "ring tones that attract."
Annals of Improbable Research: "Research that makes people laugh then think."
ForgetMeNot Panties: Underwear with a built in GPS tracker.
The Pit Breakup
Prison Thriller
Bride Has Massive Hair Wigout

Internet Related Sex and Violence:

Happy Slapping: Happy slapping os "a fad in which an unsuspecting victim is attacked while an accomplice records the assault."
Suicide Lodge: "A suicide reference" with links to many pro-suicide groups.
ASH (Alt.Suicide.Holiday): Likely the largest of all pro-choice suicide groups.

Internet Scams and Money- Making Models:

Save Toby: Only you have the power to save Toby! Here is the truth behind the site via Snopes.
Teen Internet Fraud: Cole Bartimoro and his Internet Fraud schemes.
Million Dollar Homepage: This is legitimate, but begins to show how making money via the Internet can be very different. Story at BBC.
Phishing Scams: Some of the most profitable of all Internet scams.
Pyramid Schemes: Unsustainable business models that have been around for quite sometime in various forms. A humorous look at the pyramid schemes comes from "The Office".
Nigerian 4-1-9 Scheme: This scheme was around even before the Internet, and is a type of advance fee frauds.
Pump and Dump: These are common, security-related schemes.

Privacy, Surveilance, GPS and Related Trends:

EPIC on RFID: Information on what are sometimes called "spy chips".
EPIC Videos: Interesting, speculative videos on what the world of privacy may look like in the future.
Serendipity: An article on a wireless, proximity-based dating service.
Mobile Advertising: An Economist article on mobile advertising, the "next big thing."
Adoption Profile Lookup: A controversial database from Alberta Children's Services

Popular Sites and Social Networks for Teens/Tweens:

DoYouLookGood: One of the most popular looks-based, social networks in eastern Canada. The name says it all.
Neopets: Games you can play with your virtual pet.
CandyStand: Many addicting games by Wrigley's.
MyScene: Virtual hangout and games from Mattel. Family as told by Disney Corporation.
FunnyJunk: A popular funny video and photos site.
EbaumsWorld: Funny video site, content can get very innappropriate for children.
Nexopia: Popular social networking site for younger kids.
NewGrounds: Popular place to share and create Flash videos.
Habbo: Virtual world for kids.
Piczo: Photo sharing/enhancement site for kids.
SecondLife: Complex virtual world (need software download) Popular media site.
MySpace: One of the most popular social network sites.
Facebook: An increasingly popular social network site.
Youtube: The most popular video-sharing site.
Runescape: "Massive online adventure game."


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