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Various Resources compiled by Dr. Alec Couros

Digital Internship 2.0 Wiki

This wiki was developed to help the Digital Internship Project team to brainstorm and to organize and edit our collective ideas.
Note: I've italicized things we need to do.

Key Resources

The Digital Internship Project Community can be found at

Expectations of the Interns


Cooperating Teacher Reception (Sept 13, 2007 - 6:00 p.m. - @ Greco's)
- Teachers have been contacted, reservations have been made.
- We should contact cooperating teachers with a reminder in early September (Alec).

Things To Do:
- Overview of project (bring a few copies of handout).
- Answer the question: What do I have to do? What should I expect from my intern? What's in it for me?
- Informed consent.
- Schedule of workshop and invitation.
- Discussion of sub pay and reimbursement.

Workshop #1

Workshop #2

Workshop #3

To Do/By Who

- Create Digital Internship Brainstorm Wiki (Alec) - DONE!
- Invite Stu Harris (YES), Christel Gee, Dean Shareski (NO) to speak in Workshop #1 (Alec) - DONE!
- Have the interns signed informed consent forms yet for this project? If not, does someone have the copy of the form from last year that we can update?
- This may be a little late for this comment. I was told that if research is done and the findings will remain in the university, ethics approval is not required; however, if we plan to publish something or present at a conference, we would need ethics approval. Do we need to apply/renew ethics approval for our research this fall?

- Package with forms to give to the teachers at Greko's (expectations of interns, expense forms, parking information, sub-information)