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Various Resources compiled by Dr. Alec Couros

General Cyberbullying Resources

Definition: Cyber bullying or online bullying) is a term used to refer to bullying over electronic media, usually through instant messaging and email. Other terms for cyberbullying are electronic bullying, electronic harassment, e-bullying, SMS bullying, mobile bullying, online bullying, digital bullying, or Internet bullying. (Wikipedia)

Introductory Videos:

Children See, Children Do
Rogers Wireless Commercial
Star Wars Kid (Original)
Star Wars Kid (Remix)
Bullycide Victims
What is Cyberbullying?
Cyberbullying (Kitchen)
Cyberbullying (Talent Show)
SACP Video
Think Before You Post
ABC News Story on Bullying
NetSmartz Real Life Stories
Virtual Global Taskforce
Let's Fight It Together
Cyberbullying from Internet 101
Social Media Brings Bullying to Light


Examples of CyberBullying
Several Good Videos from NetSmartz based on real life experiences
Principal Sues Students Over MySpace Page
Bring Social Networks to School?

Key Resources: - Great site for many Internet Safety issues, and includes - Great Canadian resource for cyberbulling.
StopCyberbullying @ Ning - A social network you can join to learn more about cyberbullying, or to connect with people who can help you. - Fight Hate and Promote Tolerance
KidsHelpPhone - Great resource for those being bullied, threatened or harassed. - Various resources from Alberta.
StopCyberbullying Ning: A social network for cyberbullying resources.
Addressing Cyberbullying in Schools: Article from Wes Fryer
Growing Up Online - Documentary from PBS
Adinas Deck- Solving Cyberbullying Mysteries - Great digital citizenship resources from the UK.
Teach Digital - Wes Fryer's Cyberbullying Wiki - American Clearinghouse for Cyberbullying News