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What is Open Thinking?

Introduction: Open Thinking

Open thinking is the tendency of an individual, group or institution to give preference to the adoption of open technologies or formats in regards to software, publishing, content and practice. Open thinkers critique, question and seek to reject technologies or formats that compromise the power of adopters, especially in the freedom to use, reuse, edit and share creative works and tools. Open thinkers value group-based problem solving and give preference to tools that enable social collaboration and sharing. Open thinkers actively strive to replace adopted technologies and formats with open alternatives. Open thinkers advocate for the adoption of open technologies and practice.

Open thinking type statements:

“we fully recognize that cultural technologies are far from neutral and that they are the result of social processes and power relations. Like all technologies, they are ultimately developed in the interests of industrial and corporate profits, and seldom in the name of the greater community participation of creative autonomy.” (Penley & Ross, 1991)

“Given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow.” (Torvalds, 1997)

“In a world without walls or fences, you don’t need Windows or Gates” (Unknown)